Hot Button

I was horny an hour ago when I started to set this blog up, but now I’m kinda over it. I have been feeling an itch only someone brand new can scratch. Do I want the stability and comfort of marriage, or are my physical compulsions and mental obsessions going to override rational thinking? It’s been almost 4 years since I got married.  I have been faithful physically to my husband, Matt. Emotionally I have not:  this week I have been jones-ing bad. When I got home from work today, I took a hot shower.  I love to let the hot water fall all over my body, even if it is hot outside.  I slid into a sexy nightgown, and didn’t have any panties on.  My clit was a red hot button waiting to be touched. Matt was tired, I do have to give him credit for at least snuggling with me on the couch for a minute. Fuck it, I’m gonna go masturbate.  Should only take a minute.  I’ll look at kindgirls like Matt does. Young fine girls sucking clits and licking ass are my favorite. I’m writing this on a blog because I have this whole huge planet inside me that threatens to take over my reality.  I’m hoping this will satiate my desires to cheat.  If writing about it doesn’t quench my urges, then maybe at least I will attract some like-minded people to play with…


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