Anal Sex and Rainfall

The classic memory I associate with rain is the time that Robert and I were in my room having sex. He had a huge cock for his stature, so it was a nice surprise. It wasn’t our first time together, however. My window was open to the rain, it must have been spring or summer that year. It was gray outside. We were naked and passionately fucking, animalistic. He shoved me on my hands and knees on the bed by the open window. The rain was pouring inside now, the wind forcing it in through the screen. My cheek was pressed against it and my hair and face were doused with the cool water from the sky. He pulled out of my pussy and slid his cock into my ass. I easily could take it as I had already allowed him to enter me in that way before. His cock was already slimy with the silky wetness of my pussy, but still he spit on my asshole to add some extra lube. Robert guided the head of his big cock at the correct angle to part my tight asshole just enough to get the head in, barely. I braced myself, holding the windowsill and grimacing in pain and pleasure as he very slowly teased my tight asshole to relax a little more, a little more. Finally, the head was inside and he, inch by inch, penetrated deeper and deeper into my asshole. He could only go in halfway before I told him to stop. Then, he started slowly moving forward and back, loosening my tight muscles, relaxing their grip on his cock. Now it was starting to feel good. My head was completely soaked by the rain, as was my hands and neck and shoulders, but the heat from my core made me immune to the cold rain. Robert started fucking my ass harder now and I began to moan and reached down and started rubbing my juicy clit. I was going to explode so easily and immediately, I abruptly stopped to prolong the ecstasy. Robert’s strokes got more frantic and his cock now completely went inside of me, I felt his body rub up against my ass. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back as my cries rose in volume. The neighbors would surely hear me screaming out of the open window as I felt the crest of my orgasm beginning. I did not care, I wanted everyone to hear and see me getting ass fucked in my window covered in rain. As we came together, my ass clenched tight around his cock, helping empty it of all its cum, sucking it out of him. We collapsed together on the bed.


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