Three times that it came to me clearly to write a memoir. In my 20s, in that desolate time after running away to California and coming back to Greenville, before I got sober, I was riding in my June’s car. We were talking about how insane and crazy all the things and circumstances in our life were, all the stories we had to tell. She said, you should write a book. I felt a strong urge and appealing feeling to do so and agreed. That was not the first time that I had thought that, though. I remember the first time I knew I wanted to write, not memoir, because I didn’t know of that style of writing’s existence as I was 10 years old. But I devoured books at that time. That may have been my first escape, my 2nd drug. My first drug being boys. Books were my second, alcohol my third, then drugs, then sugar and food. At 10 years old, I got saddled with a book idea as vivid as a technicolor rainbow. I remember the image in my mind, of words on a page in a book. The scene that I had thought of was of a plane crash in the water, and me, as the narrator and main character, I was wearing a bright orange life jacket and bobbing in the ocean being tossed by the waves. For some reason that image came so strongly to me and I wanted to write a book about the scene and what surrounded it. My 2nd time being urged to write memoir from deep within happened 6 years ago. I don’t know what spurned it, but I bought a bunch of memoirs about women and addiction, drug, and read them, and got the Natalie Goldberg memoir book and started doing the exercises. I put it down fairly rapidly however. And here I am now. Doing the Artist’s Way, it was logical for me to write as my main talent, it is innate. Or was. But it took me getting some good advice from a mentor to get me off my ass and starting a real writing practice, daily. And that is how this blog started up again. I have something I need to share, and I have the vulnerability, authenticity, and honesty to share it. I know that my baring my soul without pretense or pomp will be very relate-able to other women and I am coming out of the mire of addiction and want to share with others how I did it, to encourage them that they can too.


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