The God-Damned Keurig

Today I drink coffee in a sterile duplex apartment on the side of a roaring highway whose back windows overlook the broad 14 lanes of traffic always humming. I drink from a Keurig machine, which is perfect for the cookie-cutter environment that constitutes the neighborhood I live in as well. The Keurig is the most wasteful and pointless contraption for coffee that I know of. The tiny plastic bins filled with coffee that are single use, throwaway, are the antithesis of my recyclable lifestyle. Just last week I discovered that this loathsome machine also continually has hot water on the ready, so it is constantly heating water all day long! Once I figured that out I unplugged it until I wanted to use it again. The tiny tins of Keurig are also so expensive. I bet if you do the math on what a pound of it costs, it would be ridiculous. So, basically, I am drinking all of what I despise in that tiny plastic tin that I throw away every day. How American of me to, #1, use that as my coffee making mechanism, and #2, even though I hate it continue to use it out of pure convenience! It is laughable now that I consider the ludocrisy. Ludocrisy, a made up word I formulated now, is the perfect word for the Keurig. My ludicrous relationship with this horrible machine of wanton waste will end once this last box of Peet’s Coffee in the Keurig tins is over, in about a week. I will switch to the way more environmentally friendly, and cheaper, old-tyme coffee maker, which sits next to the Keurig but for some reason it never caught my eye next to the glamour of the shiny new Keurig. My method of choice is the french press. Oh, and other totally American thing I’ve started doing since I’ve been back in the US, is buying Starbucks. Another fine example of me being totally against something and doing it anyway out of convenience is this practice of periodically buying coffee there. Or anywhere. The cost adds up. I bought coffee very rarely at coffee shops while I was overseas, to save money, one, and just the frivolity of it. I am a french press at home kinda woman.


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