Rollerblading on Venice Beach as a Lovebird

The last time that I was really happy was Valentine’s Day weekend. I had come up with a crazy scheme to raise money for the charity I was fundraising for. I love that I was in a space of inspiration that prompted me to have the courage and creativity to even consider doing something so far out of my comfort zone. I chose to wear my white, skimpy string bikini and rollerblade around Venice Beach asking for donations. I also wore a white feather boa around my neck and a red and white feathered clip in my hair. I was a lovebird. The weather was too cold for just my bikini, so I wore a cover up, which slightly detracted from my costume. I also wore a sandwich board that I had homemade the night before as well that advertised “Free Love Notes.” I skated around Venice Beach that Saturday, fully present and alive to the moment and having true connection with those I saw. I made eye contact with everyone and wore a loving smile. I was focused outward on others and making them happy. I wrote everyone who would allow it a personalized love note and I did my best to connect with them on a heart level of love. I felt so much love, and such freedom in connecting with others. I was light and free, exactly like a lovebird must feel, being true to its purpose. I loved surprising others with a free love note, with no strings attached. I know that the energy I carried and spread out that day rippled outward to others and affected the world in mysterious ways. And the joy I felt driving home, the residual effects of sharing all of that love, gave me a heady joy that I had not experienced before in such a manner. I was elated.


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