The Extremes Within

I carry a universe of full of bold, restless extremes inside of me. The largest one looms over my shoulder, a shadow. I would christen that as Peg, the pain-body. Peg is all of the baggage of my past that threatens to consume and gnaw at my soul. The other extreme is my new-found self, my re-birthed, un-earthed part of me, whose name is Natalia. She is the highest vision of what I imagine myself to be, without Peg’s influence from the past and all of the things that she regurgitates: the critical voices of parents, teachers, friends, as well as past trauma, perceived or real. Natalia can and does have it all. She believes in herself and her vision, and is committed to creating it. She is whole, complete, and connected to the universe and all that is within it. Natalia is constantly reminded of how magical life is and she knows she has control over her destiny. She doesn’t tolerate any dissent from Peg.


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