Energy, Bibles, and ESP

My perception is changing; my paradigm is being busted up. I am learning things, incorporating them in a new way now. This information is becoming a part of me, instead of facts outside of me. Everything is energy. Yes, of course. The difference is now that I am seeing that for the first time as I see things for the first time. All is either particle or wave. Things that seem solid appear that way because the energy is slowed down. I didn’t grow up with these beliefs; I grew up in a loosely Christian household. We went to church and I always liked it as a child. I had a big, blue bible with drawings in it, simple dichrome sketches of things like the Sea of Gilead, and Ephesus, or crude figures. I remember when I was 7, my dad saying that God would help me memorize the Lord’s Prayer. When I found myself able to remember the entire prayer, I was surprised. I experienced faith and miracles for the first time then. I had a brush with faith, I felt a magic inside of me like energy that both excited and soothed me. It massaged my soul. I was a big believer in magic as a kid. I wanted to be telepathic desperately, to have ESP. I read books on clairvoyance and the other “clairs:” -sentience, -audience, -cognizance. One of the books had games so readers could test out their psychic abilities. I had none and was disappointed.


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