Discovering the Art of Tarot

The subject of tarot cards had always held a limited place in my life. I had slight interest in them. My impression of them was that they were colorful, complicated, and something that I never imagined myself being a reader of, until I got a tarot reading last year while I was living in Bali. The reader told me that I was intuitive, and he encouraged me to use tarot cards and automatic writing  as a way to access my intuition and gain occult knowledge. I did nothing with that information for a few months, then one random Sunday, I was inspired with the memory and went and bought a pack. I went home and started using the cards and was amazed at how accurate they were, immediately. The meanings of the cards are varied and subtle. I started doing readings for myself, and then friends. My friend who does readings herself was full of praise for the reading that I gave her. She said it was better than some of the readings she had from professionals in the past. For me, the cards are a springboard to intuitive knowledge. It is different than I thought, however. I know things and access information through the cards, but I don’t see the future, not clearly, at least. I don’t have a clear knowledge of timing for future events, I don’t see people that may come into someone’s life from the cards. Not yet. I seem to be good at knowing the energy around the present, what someone is dealing with currently, and giving insight into it. My readings also have been touchingly heart-centered at times. I love how god comes through and touches people through my readings. It’s an amazing experience and I love being able to do it.


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