First Fruit

I first ate raisins, I imagine. My mom handed out, like prizes, one small, red box of raisins with the Sun Maid on the front to my sister and I. I imagine I was 5. They were sticky and dark purple-brown. Their sticky skins stuck to the slick insides of the shiny Sun-Maid box, and […]

Ice Cream, I Loathe and Love You

Ice cream. Iced Cream, as Mr. Burns from The Simpsons would call it. The most delectable of delicacies. I have had a love affair with ice cream since my first taste. I remember I loved a flavor when I was kid that had pieces of peppermint candy inside. I adored the coolness of it slipping […]


The happiest time in my life. Right now. Right now is the happiest time in my life. Wow. I feel alive. I feel abundant, vibrant, forward thinking and looking, dynamic and courageous. New things are bubbling up. My book. My writing. The classes I am taking. I am bettering myself every day. Yes, I stumble. […]

The Ocean’s Healing Presence

I remember recently, running on the beach in my white string bikini at sunset, the air cool and water even cooler. I felt exuberant, bounding joyfully with a light heart, like a child. I appreciated my body for it’s energy, it’s steadiness, it’s innate athleticism. Then, I did a headstand on the beach and my […]

This Moment, That Moment

What’s happening? I hear a cricket outside, sidled up against the drab tan wall of this 2 story duplex that I temporarily call home. To my left is the eternal, incessant noise of the highway (or freeway as they call it here.) This house’s backyard is literally the highway. I can hear vehicles of different […]

Meandering Reflections

The writing prompt is on students. What an interesting concept to think about; students and not teachers. I can’t think of any great students… maybe Timika, one of the few black students in my high school who was our class president one year. I admired her, she was strong and smart and disciplined, as opposed […]


I was a slim and athletic 10 year old girl and I was riding my coveted purple 10 speed bike down Carillion Lane in Texas one summer afternoon. The sky was brassy, sunlight diffused in the sky, the air heavy with late summer perpetual humidity. I was wearing a blue half-shirt and I had no […]